At Compass Adult Learning Solutions we are committed to facilitating a tested, holistic process that will help you achieve well-planned educational and training programs. We work with you to determine your organization’s needs and then customize workshops to achieve high quality results. The interactive process, in which all members of a learning community participate, is the beginning of a continuous learning journey of program and faculty/instructor growth. It is anchored by the following tenets and values:
                Being open to change-curious
                The importance of leadership
                Building community
                Having conversations
                Taking risk
                Persevering with patience

We have over ten years experience working with a variety of educational institutions and organizations in Western Canada; including SAIT Polytechnic and Bow Valley College in Calgary, Vancouver Community College and the Calgary Humane Society. We are well-priced to accommodate your business needs.

As experienced Learning Designers, the Compass Adult Learning Solutions’ team will support the development of high quality courses that align to the program vision, outcomes and teaching and assessment philosophies. Subject matter experts are guided through a systematic process of course design, which will result in well-planned courses that will enable learners to build on knowledge and skills and consistently demonstrate success. Whether the program is delivered face to face or on-line, our team will achieve high quality results for your organization.
  All change, even very large and powerful change, begins when a few people start talking with one another about something they care about.
~Margaret Wheatley Turning to One Another